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tv   FOX 13 600 News  FOX  September 5, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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developing right now at right now at 6:00 the search is on for a murderer in polk county. how a meeting to complete a online sale ended in death. and the waters coming from up the septic systems and draining into the ground. just one of the problems facing some people in p county. how they are dealing with flooding from hermine. there was about 30 more feet of beach gone. the beach that was just but there two years ago. now residents are wondering what is next. from the number one news station this is the fox 13 6:00 news. i'm kelly ring, mark has the evening off. thank you for joining us on the
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county. investigators are looking for the gunman who shot and killed someone in the parking lot of a family dollar store. we have more on this. this had to do with something online? >> reporter: it was here at the family dollar store parking lot around 9:45 on sunday night a manedadvertised an item and there. that's how it supposed to go. the seller was accompanied by jeff moreau, junior. s seller parked the truck. the person grabbed the item without paying and ran off. the seller said he heard gunshots as he hid behind the truck he saw moreau on the ground. he had been shot. the seller called 911 from
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store. he was pronounced dead at lakeland regional. he was new to the area he moved here from pennsylvania. the sheriff's office said the suspect is a black male in his 20s. wearing a black or light gray jacket a red shirt and sneakers. the suspect was running in the northern discretion through a gas station. if you think you know anything about the crime and know who did this. give the sheriff's office a call. live in haley hinds. >> thank you very much. two people are under arrest for a series of robberies last night in ease bor city. they happened after the bars closed. police say the robbers walked up to the victims, demanded valuables and fired shots. one person was pistol whipped. the suspects were caught at a
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adult. we have not been given their names. hermine is spinning off the coast. we have a update on what the storm did. after it moved through 250,000 people across the state were without power. now the number is down to 38,000 there is one death a man in florida killed in marion county when a tree fell on him. the salvation army is operating in 7 counties. 7 areas in pasco despite the advice of officials many stayed behind in their homes. crews have been hard at work checking on them and delivering water for people who need it. and we have the latest from elfors. >> and it is starting to rain again. it seems like pasco county cannot catch a break. but the good news the water
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place where i'm standing. now we can see the street and if you look just a little bit further down the road. can you see there is planed of water on the ground here. even though things are starting to dry out a bit. homes are completely surrounded by water. make sure those who live here have clean water to drink. >> certainly days it looks like a canal way and despite the ehavings wages orders people chose to stay put. >> there are several evens, i'm protecting my property. there is no need to leave.@ >> officials are coming to them. >> you know going door to door with the capabilities we have a swamp buggy. we barely get any residents. >> they loaded up the water
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cases of water to families in the zones. >> it is nasty and brutal. the murky waters are not compromising homes and roads. >> we're worried about the well but we are doing pretty good. >> officials are worried, too. all the flooding could be doing unseen harm. >> the septics lids are popped up. the water is bubbling up and training into the ground are you getting that septic water down the river and the roads and neighbors yards t is dangerous. >> pasco county is not currently and boil watered a advisory but they are warning if you were experiencing some sort of flooding and get your water from a well, you may want to go ahead and take the step of boiling the water and switching to bottled water. now schools are open tomorrow.
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the zones you can go ahead and give your school a call and just make sure they know what you're -- you're dealing with at the moment. kellie cowan, fox 13 news, they need the sun to dry it out. year after year, one beach has been through erosion now it is worse after hermine. the city has been working on a fix. but as kimberly kuizon reports, residents say i soon enough. >> and michael would pick the beach. >> it is great. >> the change has popped up after the storm. >> it is shelly and pulled back a bit and it is a lot of the stand has disappeared. >> residents have been dealing with the emotion now more than ever a fix is needed.
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>> and the president of the lido key association has been waiting for the final approval on a plan to fix the problem. the city has been working with the army carp on -- corps on a long-term plan that's been in the works. it would provide renourishment every five years. >> i walk the beach a bit and i like to walk it early in the morning sometimes when the tide is up you cannot walk the south end it is against the walls. >>nd two years ago costing almost $4 million. tid did not take long for that to be washed away. >> it is was a band-aid it was not full. >> and it will be millions and the funding will come from the american corps and they hope the plan is approved sooner rather than later. >> it's not lido's problem t is now but it is the west coast of
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>> kimberly kuizon, fox 13. still ahead a makeover in the nation's capital just in time for a very important day.
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((kelly--vo-)) president the president for an asian summit. he is the first sitting president to visit the country. he will announce aid to clean up millions of bombs dropped during the vietnam war. earlier in the day the president was in china wrapping up his final g 20 summit he met with putin and they agreed to keep up
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for syria. they met for 90 minutes. during a press conference the president described his meeting with putin. >> and the tone of our meetings are candid and blunt and business like. and this one was no different. >> the official said obama and putin figured out how remaining gaps in how the deal would be implemented. on the campaign trail, no labor day off for the candidates. >> hillary clinton started the day get ogg an new plane. the plane is a boeing 737 800. it has the ability to fly coast to coast non-stop. the wi-fi equipped and american made. and the design includes the campaign stronger together message and campaign hlogo and uses the standard color scheme as well as american flag on both sides of the craft.
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hillary clinton flew to ohio she spoke to the press. >> hello welcome to our big plane. we're excited. >> what do you think. >> it is cool. >> don't you? >> i'm happy to have all of you with me. >> i was just waiting toker this moment really i'll come back and talk to you more wanted to welcome you, she attended the labor day festival in cleveland with tim kaine and richard trumca. and she will be at the university of south florida for a rally. donald trump was back in cleveland the city where he picked up the republican nomination after a round table. he and his running mate mike pence stopped at goodie's restaurant and had coffee with
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the press on his plane and preparing for the debates. >> i'm preparing like i prepared for the other debates i'm preparing i enjoyed the danting process i did well in the debates. the online polls that they did right after the debates. i think i'm doing the same. >> trump said he doesn't have anybody playing the r for now he will take part in all three presidential debates. >> and the mall in washington is in the final stages of the project it will be months before everything is done and it is unveiled to the public but lauren blanchard is getting a look at the historic renovation. >> it is america's front yard we want it available for everyone. >> stretching from the steps of
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mall, america's front yard, leave as lasting impression on tourists. and it is estimated that 30 million visitors making it one of the most heavily trafficked grounds in the country. how do they keep it looking so great all year long year after year, it has not always looked his great. the area has been undergoing a year long restoring project preserve it long determine. >> it was a much needed repair. both to the sustain it and for durability and better irrigation and resilience. >> it started in 2007 and is now nearing completion. the final phases involve the the mall's restoration. >> this is a huge cooperation. there is a operation with the septemberic.
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to serve the public needs for celebrations demonstrations and a number of other special events. >> to the trust relies on the contributions of corporations such as john deeree and the foundation of individuals. after collaborating the teams are happy to report the mall's you turf should be ready and open to the pub for the inauguration. >> this january 2017 will be different. what will be different is that the turf looks wonderful. >> if you want to preserve the front yard or the events going on head over to -- to find more. weather time now. let's go to paul. there were storms out there this afternoon. >> big ones, happy labor day to you and everyone. activity was busy a half hour ago. a lot has weakened.
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lens on the camera. big storms rolling through. as you move through september and daily rain fall they ramp down especially the second half of the month. the days are shorter. and the rainy season. look at the averages. day by day. now the storms around the bay area have pretty much had it. they will rain themselves out. the stronger to the south. those are moving to the south
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watch and rain over the sky way is weakening a bit. moving to the south. then a cluster of storms heavy rain and that's strong. if you are watching us. it could stay to the east. south curving down and again they're diving to the south. the rain over pasco county and the wide view shows showers over polk county. and the weather for the game in
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the rain has moved away partly cloudy and temperatures in the 80s. clouds are building with the north and the northeast wind. temperatures are cooled. 83 in brooksville. 08 -- 80 in st. pete. good news in the tropics. hermine is speeding. both of the invests don't have a chance of development. that's good. the peak of the season is september 10th. i think the next week we're post tropical storm hermine is producing winds 45 miles per hour on nantucket. it will flirt with them another day and be off the map. not a big deal but high surf and beach erosion. we say goodbye to hermine. 74.
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quiet weather. we have the remnants. a high here moving south and low pressure here that means we may actually see slightly lower humidity tomorrow. not like november like but a drop during the day. that's it will not last long. birmingham is 90. nashville 92. raleigh 84. here it is. watch what happens into tuesday. dries air on the backside of hermine. filtering to the south. you will notice a drop in storm coverage starting tomorrow. partly cloudy.
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as touch less humid. mostly dry and hot. the 7-day forecast. summer rains return for the weekend. >> evan longoria was forced to leave his game. his condition and a very big week in the forecast. bucks return to the field for the opener.
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in florida, it used to be that if a child, a senior or one of our four legged friends was trapped in a hot car you and i were not allowed to save them unless we were willing to be sued. has government lost its mind? so i fixed the law to make sure we are all empowered to rescue those who can not rescue themselves. that is the least we can do. after all the love they give. dana young for the florida senate.
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lately it seems the rays have latedy the rays have gotten off to a faste holding the lead may be another issue. they open up against the o's. early on, you don't like to see this. over to evan longoria. hits him on the hand. and he is throwing some gas on the mound. x-rays came back negative. no fracture. that's a good sign. next batter. morrison. longoria and kevin kiermaier on base.
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lead. the o's send nine to the plate. and two run single. and the opener 7-3 is the final. >> and dirk koetter has had a remarkable off season a first time coach in january the first draft and all of it leading up to this week the start of the regular season wickoff. on sunday dirk koetter will take the field at the georgia dome for his they face the falcons that you can see here on fox 13. the coach has prepared for every situation imaginable but there are some things that you cannot foresee. >> yeah, you know the thing about that when you watch the college games you see how many things get screwed up in clock management. can you never be ready for that stuff that happens. when you're on your couch are
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when you have a bunch of people screaming at you, it is different. >> last week was not a good week for weather forecasting and hermine was a disaster but in sports forecasting. >> it was picture perfect. how did i do? >> let's take a look. monday, red sox. rays. we have seen this. tuesday. thd goodness third. stanford beating kansas state 56789 for 5 i would say -- this calls for a bit of a celebration. all right. >> i have to get a fork. >> all right. >> yeah. >> all right. >> everyone out i have do do a sports cast. thank you. thank you. >> and all right cut the music.
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let's go with today. ole miss and florida state. this is a big game. and florida state who will stop them. and ole miss defense. and tuesday this in the quarter finals. and over the defending champ at the open. and wednesday thursday the better quarterback on the field will be a 7th rounder. it has been a rough pre-season for how about on friday. we have louisville. they'll be one of the surprise teams they are ranked in the top 25. not much of a surprise. they were 70 and they have a quarterback who may be in the heisman running before this is over. there we go. >> and did you get that. >> can i have this, i want that. i'm proud of you we celebrated how long has it been are you doing this.
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celebrations here. any excuse. >> i like the music. nice job. >> can you eat i'll say goodbye then i'll eat. >> that's it for us. the news keeps on going. and on our fox 13 app. access hollywood is next. have a great night.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. he wears it like a crown. "make america great again". but trump made his shirts in bangladesh. his ties in china. and his suits in mexico. in fact, the real donald trump outsourced his products and so don't believe the hat. you can't make america great again, if you don't make things
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